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Cedar Lakes
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The Charleston Gazette Tuesday December 6, 1949

THIS 228-ACRE TRACT OF LAND two miles south of Ripley was selected by the State Board of Education yesterday as a camp site for the Future Farmers and Future Homemakers of America. The land, comprising of what is known as the Easter Farms on U. S. Rt. 21, is estimated to be worth $39,275. A spokesman for the Jackson County group said it would be paid for by contributions from public-spirited citizens and a $25,000 World War I and World War II memorial fund set up by the county. Development of the camp over a period of years will involve the expenditure of approximately $1,000,000, according to H. N. Hansucker, state supervisor of vocational agriculture. The money for development will come from donations to the State FFA-FHA Foundation and the Board of Education, and from legislative appropriations, Hansucker said. The project was authorized by the 1949 Legislature.


Memorial Wall to The Veterans of World Wars I and II of Jackson County, West Virginia--located at the Cedar Lakes Conference Center


For those of you who are interested in some Historical information concerning the Cedar Lakes Conference Center's selection of becoming a new state institution by the West Virginia Board of Education (who made the selection) - Ripley Site Selected For State F.F.A - F. H. A Camp.

Picture of State Board of Education Members visiting the Cedar Lakes Site - 1949


A need for establishing a State F.F.A. - F.H.A. Camp and Conference Center.

"Selecting A Location and Establishing A State Camp and Conference Center for West Virginia Future Farmers of America and Future Home Makers of America-A Special Report to the West Virginia State Board of Education" dated October 7, 1948

In searching through lots of Historical information concerning Cedar Lakes we came across this article in Minutes May 1952 Apple Blossom Fiesta magazine that we wanted to share. Neville Hansucker, supervisor of vocational agriculture for the state of West Virginia had a dream to build a camp the Cedar Lakes Conference Center.


History of Cedar Lakes

Former Directors of the Cedar Lakes Conference Center

Goldenseal Magazine Fall 1990 - "Cedar Lakes Recalling the Farm Years" by Nancy Merical


Starcher House

Old Field School

File:Staats Mill Covered Bridge Sign.jpg


Cedar Lakes - Conference Center
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