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Road Scholar at Cedar Lakes

In the early 80s, the Crafts Center joined Elderhostel (now Road Scholar), an international network of colleges and other institutions offering special classes for senior citizens 55 years of age and older. Last year over 1,000 students from throughout the United States and two countries participated in the weeklong craft workshops at the Cedar Lakes Crafts Center.

A typical week starts with dinner Sunday evening and orientation. Classes are scheduled from 8:45 to 4:30 daily with special activities in the evenings. Visits by local dignitaries and musicians, slide shows, and visits to local points of interest are included during the week. A banquet on Thursday evening culminates the week and participants bid one another good-bye after lunch on Friday.

Registration for these weeklong classes is handled directly by the national office of Road Scholar. The Crafts Center can also be of help in learning more about the program. Registration for local commuters is handled by the Crafts Center. The cost of a typical Road Scholar week is $599 for workshop, room, and meals. The schedule for workshops in 2016 is listed below.

April 10 - 15
The Story of the Celts - Mick Moloney
April 17 - 22
Stained Glass - David Houser
Basketry: Having Fun with Color - Gail Hutchinson
Quilting: Tumbling Blocks - Judy Lilly
Woodcarving - Bob Barris
Woodturning - Joe Smith
Watercolor - Debbie Lester
If Bread is the Staff of Life, You Should Discover Our Appalachian Specialty: Salt Risin' Bread - Mary Beth Lind
May 1 - 6
Stained Glass - David Houser
Watercolor - Jerre Watkins
Quilting: Quick Trip Around the World - Fran Kordek
Woodturning, Form, Technique & Finishing - Joe Smith
Sensory & Specific: A Creative Writing Course - Colleen Anderson
Beginning Fly-Fishing & Fly-Tying - Randy Augustine
Basketry - Joyce Cain
August 14 - 19
Watercolor - Debbie Lester
Quilting: Sunflower Splash - Judy Lilly
Woodcarving - Bob Barris
Woodturning A-Z - Joe Smith
Nature Printing - John Doughty
Beginning Fly Fishing & Fly Tying - Randy Augustine
September 9 - 14 (Friday-Wednesday)
Stained Glass - David Houser
Watercolor - Jeanne Brenneman
Nature Printing - John Doughty
Quilting: Exploring the Landscape - Judy Lilly
Learn to Play the Appalachian Dulcimer - Heidi Muller
Beginners Marquetry & Parquetry (Wood Inlay) - John Sedgwick & Keith Michaud
September 25 - 30
Stained Glass - David Houser
Quilting: Weaver Fever - Roberta Farmer
Basketry-Having Fun With Color - Gail Hutchinson
Primitive Rug Hooking - Dianne Kelly
Woodcarving - Bob Barris
Woodturning A-Z - Joe Smith
Watercolor - Jerre Watkins
Learn to Play the Bowed Psaltery - Tish Westman
October 18 - 23
The Shamrock Shore: Irish Culture and History at Home and Abroad - Mick Moloney
October 23 - 28
Stained Glass - David Houser
Basketry - Joyce Cain
Quilting: Spinwheels - Mary Brown
Watercolor - Jeanne Brenneman
Woodturning A to Z - Joe Smith
Tinsmithing - Bob North
From the Inside Out: Your Own Story, Your Own Words - Colleen Anderson
November 27 - December 2
Quick Holiday Quilting - Roberta Farmer
Holiday Stained Glass - David Houser
Holiday Woodcarving - Bob Barris
Holiday Woodturning - Joe Smith
Holiday Baskets and Woven Ornaments - Gail Hutchinson
Holiday Dulcimer Playing - Shelley Stevens