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To develop leadership
To train for useful citizenship
To encourage organized recreational activities
To develop moral and ethical standards
To promote the improvement of agriculture, industry and business
To promote the conservation of human and natural resources
To foster closer relationships between youth and adults
To broaden acquaintances and develop a cooperative spirit (by living and working together)
To promote better home and family life
To create interest in crafts
To provide experience in conducting meetings according to parliamentary procedure
To train for participation in local, state and national adult organizations
To develop patriotism

This mission statement, embodied in state law, has been the guiding principal for operating The Cedar Lakes Conference Center since it's inception as a seperate Institution (like Marshall University) in 1949.

First Day of Spring at Cedar Lakes

Upcoming Events at Cedar Lakes

April 21-27, 2014

  • Waggy Quilt Retreat
  • Class II Drinking Water
  • Church of God - Parkersburg
  • Jackson County Gideon's Dinner
  • Ripley Rotary
  • Jackson County Retired School Employees
  • Jackson County 4-H Leaders
  • Society for Creative Anachronism
  • Church of God of Southern West Virginia
  • Quilt Retreat Classes sponsored by the Cedar Lakes Craft Center

April 28-May 4, 2014

  • Quilt Retreat Classes sponsored by the Cedar Lakes Craft Center
  • Wastewater Collection
  • Farm Credit Banquet
  • WV Sanitarians
  • Ripley High School FFA - Picnic Shelter #4
  • Ripley Rotary
  • EXCO Safety
  • ABA Blacksmiths
  • Majestic Mountain
  • Quilt Lovers Guild
  • Porterfield Baptist Youth
  • Beading Class sponsored by the Cedar Lakes Craft Center
  • Ramsey Birthday - Picnic Shelter #7
  • Road Scholar Classes sponsored by the Cedar Lakes Craft Center

May 5-11, 2014

  • Road Scholar Classes sponsored by the Cedar Lakes Craft Center
  • Class II Wastewater Certification
  • Appalachian Policy Council
  • Cedar Lakes Foundation
  • Ripley Rotary
  • GFWC Women's Club
  • Delta Kappa Gamma
  • Pilot Club
  • Women with a Purpose
  • Montgomery/Bowman Reunion - Picnic Shelter #5
  • Woodturners
  • Rug Hookers

May 12-18, 2014

  • Backflow Tester
  • Rug Hookers
  • Southern 5 District of Ohio
  • Ripley Rotary
  • NA Spring Retreat
  • Backflow Tester Recertification
  • Casto Technical Services - Picnic Shelter #4

May 19-25, 2014

  • Robert Jackson Senior Conference
  • Ripley High School Honors Banquet
  • WVU Deparment of Medicine
  • Mountain State Art and Craft Fair Board
  • Ripley Rotary
  • Cedar Lakes Foundation
  • Pickron Graduation
  • Gilmore Elementary - Picnic Shelter #5
  • Madden AKJU Camp
  • Craft Workshops - Classes sponsored by the Cedar Lakes Craft Center
  • Gymnast 5K Run
  • Johnson Graduation - Picnic Shelter #7
  • Boggess Reunion - Picnic Shelter #4
  • Maddox Reunion - Picnic Shelter #5
  • Gilmore Alumni Banquet
  • S. O. Tolley Reunion - Picnic Shelter #4
  • Harper Reunion - Picnic Shelter #5
  • Easter Reunion - Picnic Shelter #7




Visitors have had varying levels of success getting to Cedar Lakes using various GPS devices. We have worked with Google to give you the most up to date driving directions to our conference center.

  • The following coordinates should bring you to the entrance gate, we make no promises about what the routing will be like. 38.793396,-81.688145
  • Input 1372 Cedar Lakes Drive to your GPS



Free high speed wireless internet is now available throughout the camp. When checking in ask the front desk for the password.

Cedar Lakes became a non-smoking facility in 2009.
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