Cedar Lakes Conference Center

Holt Lodge Conference Room

H.C. 88, Box 21

Ripley, West Virginia

June 9, 2005


Call to Order

President Barbara N. Fish called the meeting of the West Virginia Board of Education to order at 8:30 a.m. on June 9, 2005, in the Holt Lodge Conference Room at the Cedar Lakes Conference Center, H.C. 88, Box 12, Ripley, West Virginia.

The following members were present: President Fish, Vice President Lowell E. Johnson, Secretary Priscilla M. Haden, Delores W. Cook, Sheila M. Hamilton, Burma Hatfield, and Jenny N. Phillips, and ex officio David Stewart, State Superintendent of Schools. Members absent were: Sandra M. Chapman, Ronald B. Spencer and ex officios J. Michael Mullen, Chancellor, the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, and James L. Skidmore, Chancellor, the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education.


Approval of Agenda

Upon motion by Mrs. Hamilton, seconded by Mrs. Cook, the Board unanimously approved the agenda with the addition of the appraisal of Dr. Stewart that was not completed on June 8.


Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) VIII Report

Dr. John Hough, Executive Director, RESA VIII, provided an overview of corrective actions undertaken in RESA VIII to address Office of Education Performance Audits (OEPA) and Department findings. (Copy appended to Official Minutes, Attachment A.)


Appraisal of State Superintendent of Schools

President Fish requested a motion to move into Executive Session as provided in W.Va. Code 6-9A-4(b)(2)(A), to discuss personnel matters involving the appraisal of the State Superintendent of Schools. Upon motion by Dr. Johnson, seconded by Ms. Phillips, the Board entered into executive session at 8:49 a.m.


Return from Executive Session

The Board returned from Executive Session at 9:12 a.m. at which time President Fish announced that no action was taken and no decisions were made. President Fish reported that the State Superintendent of Schools was to be commended for his performance and that he received a satisfactory evaluation.


Policy 2320 - A Process for Improving Education:

Performance Based Accreditation System -

Discussion of Attendance Criteria

Dr. Kenna R. Seal, Director, OEPA, (distributed information) and Ms. Lydia McCue, Executive Assistant to the State Superintendent, Superintendent's Office, provided a presentation regarding student attendance. The Department was directed to draft amendments to all laws dealing with attendance and to conduct a review of all attendance policies. It was also suggested that the Department's website announce the statewide attendance rate on a monthly basis. (Copy appended to Official Minutes, Attachment B.)



President Fish called for a break at 10:22 a.m.


Call to Order and Special Recognition

President Fish called the meeting back to order at 10:40 a.m. at which time she presented the Board's "Attitude Is Everything" award to Dr. Stewart.


West Virginia Board of Education

Strategic Plan Report

President Fish, assisted by Dr. Johnson, Ms. Haden and Ms. Karen Larry, Executive Assistant to the State Superintendent, Superintendent's Office, distributed and provided an overview of activities completed or underway in connection with the Board's 2004-2005 strategic plan. The next report regarding the Board's strategic plan is expected to occur at the September Board meeting, and no later than the October meeting, with the Board's strategic planning committee to meet two weeks prior to the Board meeting at which an update is to be presented. (Copy appended to Official Minutes, Attachment C.)


Future Meetings

The next special meeting of the Board will take place on June 13 in Parkersburg and June 18, 2005 in Morgantown, West Virginia. The next regular meeting of the Board will be held July 13-14, 2005 in Charleston, West Virginia.



Upon motion by Dr. Johnson, seconded by Mrs. Hamilton and unanimously carried, the Board adjourned at 11:22 a.m.

Minutes approved by the Board on July 14, 2005.


Barbara N. Fish, President


Priscilla M. Haden, Secretary

Minutes were recorded by

Virginia M. Harris

Executive Secretary to

the Board.