State Board of Education Conference Room

Capitol Building 6, Room 353

1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East

Charleston, West Virginia

October 15, 1999


Call to Order

President Cleo P. Mathews called the emergency meeting of the West Virginia Board of Education to order at 3:34 p.m. on October 15, 1999, in the Board Conference at the offices of the West Virginia Board of Education, 1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Charleston, West Virginia. Members present were Vice President Gary G. White, Secretary J. D. Morris, Sandra M. Chapman (via telephone), Sheila M. Hamilton, James J. MacCallum, Jim L. McKnight and Paul J. Morris. The Board met with officials of the Lincoln County Board of Education to discuss the Lincoln County School System Education Performance Audit Preliminary Report and to appoint an Improvement Consultant Team. The Lincoln County School System was represented by: President Billie Frye, Fred Curry, Royce Frye, Kim McCoy, Bill Workman and Superintendent Peggy Adkins.



Following a round table discussion/question and answer session, a listing of the Improvement Consultant Team was distributed and discussed.

Upon motion by James J. MacCallum, second by Jim L. McKnight, the Board reaffirmed the previously approved members of the Improvement Consultant Team and affirmed the addition of seven (7) members.



Upon motion by J. D. Morris, second by James J. MacCallum, the Board adjourned at approximately 4:07 p.m.

Minutes approved by the Board on November 4, 1999.

Cleo P. Mathews, President