Human Resources: Update District and WVDE Hiring Practices

Amend state Code to eliminate the current WVDE and county job applicant and evaluation system and replace them with the Division of Personnel's system.

Amend section 18A-4-8e to eliminate the requirement that counties provide at least one day's training before administering a job test.

Estimated cost savings
Long-term integration into the state ERP system could generate savings. Upgrading WVEIS would not be cost effective.

Elimination of potential legal liability also will be a significant savings that cannot be determined at this time.

Fiscal resources also would be needed initially.
Policy change(s) required
Amend Code §18A-4-8(a), which provides unique requirements county boards must follow for hiring. Amend §18-4-8e, which includes competency testing.
Actions already underway
The WVDE participated in meetings with other state agency representatives and provided input into the design of the forthcoming ERP system. The department will utilize those features of the system that coordinate with and improve the efficiency of the WVDE Office of Human Resources.
WVBOE response
The WVBOE agrees with the recommendation and supports central state testing for service personnel for increased proficiency and cost savings. The WVBOE recommends at the least the development of common scripts for test proctors and establishing standard testing times and locations.

The Board concurs with the elimination of the requirement that counties provide at least one day training before administering the test.