Ancillary Services: Maximize Limited Local Personnel Resources

Establish an initiative through the WVDE to help small counties create job-sharing arrangements, wherever possible.

Estimated cost savings
May not generate savings, but may improve performance.
Policy change(s) required
No change required. Existing Code §18A-4-8d allows counties to share services of central office personnel. Currently, few counties exercise this provision of the law.
Actions already underway
Gilmer and Lewis counties are currently building a school and operating under a memorandum of understanding (MOU). It is important to note that in such instances, clear guidelines for equitable distribution of resources and decision-making agreement must be clearly established prior to entering into job-sharing arrangements.
WVBOE response
The WVBOE agrees with this recommendation and calls for

1. county boards to meet together in their RESA region to determine areas to effectively and equitably share services and submit a report to the WVBOE by July 1, 2013;
2. the establishment of a broad-based Blue Ribbon Commission to study the future of small school systems. Report conclusions to the Board by January 1, 2014.

The Blue Ribbon Commission will recommend how to more efficiently deliver educational services, as well as implications for Code and policy. The Board is committed to ensuring local voice and representation is preserved. The WVBOE encourages other schools and districts to consider models similar to the Gilmer/Lewis MOU for shared schools, if applicable.