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Audit Response
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WVBOE's Call to Action

The WVBOE's Call to Action narrative is divided into five sections that follow the general themes of the audit. Each of the sections outlines proposals to suggest what the Board believes are some of the most critical measures to address immediately, items we refer to as game changers.

Develop, Reward and Retain Great Educators

  • Launch a Comprehensive Plan to Prepare and Recruit the Best Teachers
  • Establish an Evaluation System Modeled After National Best Practices and Research
  • Improve Teacher Compensation to Attract and Maintain the Best Teaching Corps Possible
  • Strengthen School Leadership

Raise Educational Quality Statewide

  • Re-imagine Instructional Time
  • Revise West Virginia's Accreditation System

Align Education to Work Force Needs and Careers

  • Prepare West Virginia Students for Their Future

Empower Learning Through Technology

  • Personalize Education with Technology
  • Promote 24/7 Learning
  • Provide Technology Support
  • Advocate for Online Access
  • Fully Fund the West Virginia Virtual School
  • Expand Digital Content

Maximize Operational Efficiencies

  • Reorganize the WVDE
  • Redefine Administration
  • Assess 55 County Boards of Education
  • Streamline the Professional Development System
  • Expand the Capacity of Regional Educational Service Agencies (RESAs)
  • Re-imagine West Virginia Education Information System (WVEIS)