Audit to Action: Students First Conclusion

The West Virginia Board of Education will use the opportunity of the Education Efficiency Audit to further enhance its vision for excellence in pre-K-12 education for our children. The Board not only has long-range plans for improving, reforming and transforming education, but also recognizes the pressing need for immediate action in many areas.

The WVBOE applauds the healthy debate on public education the audit has precipitated throughout our state. It is our hope that we will elevate these discussions into a discourse on how we can work together to create a concerted, unified and sustained approach to re-designing public education in our state. In order to accomplish our goals we need

  1. high expectations for what we want students to know in order to meet and exceed national and international standards;
  2. high expectations for how we want students to behave and develop those dispositions of wellness, responsibility, cultural awareness, self-direction, ethical character and good citizenship;
  3. high expectations for what we want students to achieve in order to be prepared for career and post-secondary success.

We need investment in significant and long-term approaches led by the governor and the WVBOE, supported by the Legislature and informed by the wisdom of district, school, and classroom educators. Parents must value public education and demonstrate their support by passing school levies and bonds, while also ensuring their children attend school on a regular and timely basis.

Our success also depends heavily upon our ability to collaborate with non-profit wrap-around providers, businesses and other outside entities that will build and expand the viability of our communities. This type of relationship demands communication in an open forum where all are invited to participate and are valued. An important component is that student voices are heard and embraced by all.

As stated throughout the WVBOE's "From Audit to Action: Student's First" report, we are committed to immediate action on many of the findings and recommendations in partnership with the governor, the Legislature, the WVDE and all other committed stakeholders. It is our belief that improving public education is a matter of extreme urgency for West Virginia and the future of our children. The WVBOE is committed to taking action beyond the recommendations of the report and to establish West Virginia as a leader in education with students first.