West Virginia Education Information System: Addressing the Issues

WVEIS is a 22-year-old-system that is based on antiquated technology called text-based computing. Text-based computing has arguably been obsolete since 1992. As such, maintenance of the system is cumbersome, while users are left to deal with a system that looks and feels out of date. It is also not considered sufficient for supporting some management operations, including human resources. This has led to counties having to implement their own systems to make up for WVEIS shortcomings.

The county systems are not integrated, often due to the difficulty and complexity of integrating with a WVEIS that is based on 22-year-old technology. WVDE technology personnel are reluctant to make changes to the system unless absolutely necessary, which ultimately results in less and less compatibility with newer modern systems which the districts would like to use.

Known problems with WVEIS include:

WVEIS on the Web is little more than a web-based redevelopment of the standard WVEIS system. Known problems with WVEIS on the Web include: