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What you need to know about testing

Practice Test

WESTEST 2 is gone, and the West Virginia General Summative Assessment, which includes the Smarter Balanced assessments in mathematics and ELA, has taken its place. Public school students in grades 3 - 11 will take the test between April 1 and June 24. The General Summative Assessment also includes a science assessment for students in grades 4, 6 and 10.

The test is engaging, interactive and uniquely accessible with questions that require high level thinking, look like real life problems, and are similar to classroom work. Most important, it offers evidence that informs action in the classroom.

Assessments provide valuable information to parents, teachers and students about where a student may need more help as well as areas of success. Also, the results serve as a checkup on a student's progress toward meeting the goal of being college or career ready by graduation. In addition, teachers use individual test results to guide their instruction.

Parent Resources

  • West Virginia General Summative Assessment Facts (Flyer)
  • Tips for Supporting Students during Assessments (Flyer)
  • What Does The Test Look Like? (Flyer)
  • Talking With Parents
    This PowerPoint, developed by the National PTA, provides a concise overview of assessments and what testing means to students. It can be used if you decide to sponsor parent information sessions.

Principal/Teacher Resources

Other Resources

National PTA

Smarter Balanced

The web site has a wealth of information about the consortium, test development, the blueprint of the tests, field test reports and more. It also includes information about test features to help you better understand how it impacts your student.

Be A Learning Hero

The site contains parent-friendly information on the changes in the standards and assessments, and links to other great sites.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers tutorial and practice problems aligned to the standards to help your students improve their math skills.

Great Kids

Watch these videos to see the milestones your child should be reaching in reading skills.

Student Achievement Partners contains English and math supports and resources at each grade level.

The West Virginia General Summative Assessment Portal provides additional information about the West Virginia General Summative Assessment.