The assessment toolkits are educator-created documents and resources designed to increase understanding about the various assessments the Office of Assessment coordinates. For more information about the toolkits and how to use them, please contact the Office of Assessment at 304.558.2546.

Toolkit Name
West Virginia Assessment Report Results Educator Toolkit This toolkit will provide educators and administrators with information and “how-to guides” to access student and classroom reports for the WV General Summative Assessment, as well as diagnostic and interim assessments. This document provides a static view of the reports with annotations to explain the different features that are available. The AIR Online Reporting System is an interactive online reporting platform that provides a range of reports. Reports provide aggregate score data at the state, district, school, class, and student level. Educators may examine data at multiple levels, depending on their level of access.

Guide to NAEP Results Toolkit This toolkit will provide educators and administrators with an understanding of NAEP data and how to access it using the NAEP data Explorer.

WV Assessment Literacy Educator Toolkit_Final This toolkit will provide educators and administrators with assessment literacy terminology and information. It will assist in learning and understanding the terms and definitions associated with the WV General Summative Assessments, WV Interim Assessments, WV Diagnostic Assessments, and formative assessments. This toolkit is intended to assist educators and school administrators in understanding the role and relationship that assessments have with instruction and learning. The following visual was created by West Virginia educators to show the roles and relationships that the assessments have for students and educators.