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Alternate Summative Assessment Resources

West Virginia students with significant intellectual disabilities take the Dynamic Learning Maps, Alternate Summative Assessment*. This assessment is a summative measure of student academic performance.  
The Alternate Assessment Advisory Team has developed instructional resources to support students who are taught the Next Generation Alternate Assessment Content Standards for English, mathematics and science (Policies 2520.161; 2520.162; 2520.16). These resources were developed for each programmatic level (elementary, middle and high school) and each contains resources in three areas of support:

  • Learning Progressions-The purpose of the content-specific learning progressions were designed to assist in the instructional delivery of the standards and identification of the appropriate level of instruction for each individual student. Each standard has instructional examples of what the standard might look like across four levels of performance for meeting the range of abilities found in this unique population.
  •  Unit Plans-The purpose of the thematic unit plan was to provide model lesson plans for concept development, support a variety of instructional strategies and targeted resources aligned to specific instructional outcomes and provide a variety of formative evaluation tools.
  • Interim Diagnostic Tests-The purpose of interims are for practice opportunities of technology skills as well as evaluation for formative or diagnostic purposes to inform instruction. The learning progressions were used as a blueprint for the development of the interims. The interims and some resources in the unit plans require Boardmaker Studio software and supports the assistive technology needs of many students on alternate assessment.

For more information on alternate assessment or these resources please contact Dr. Melissa Gholson at 304-558-2546.

Document Type Document Name
BoardMaker Studio
BoardMaker Studio
Middle School
BoardMaker Studio
Learning Progressions Learning Progressions

*= For information on the participation criteria for who is eligible for an alternate assessment see the Guidelines of Participation in West Virginia State Assessments.