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Eligible applicants for ABE funding include the following:
  • Local education agencies
  • A community-based organization of demonstrated effectiveness
  • A volunteer literacy organization of demonstrated effectiveness
  • An institution of higher education
  • A public or private non-profit agency
  • A library
  • A public housing authority
  • A consortium of agencies listed above
In order to receive funding to operate an Adult Basic Education program, each applicant must submit an application for funds. The application is due in March/April of each year. Applicants who are not funded during their initial year of application may re-submit an application the following year.  Each application is read by two reviewers, and the scores are averaged. Grant awards are provided depending upon the scores on the application, the application content, and the funds provided by the federal and state governments. There is no guarantee that every applicant will be funded or that every applicant will receive the funds requested. If the application is approved in the competitive rating process, then funding is allocated for that fiscal year. 

Applicants must address the following components in the application:
  • Measurable goals for participant outcomes
  • Past effectiveness
  • Commitment to serve individuals most in need
  • Whether or not the program is of sufficient intensity and duration to achieve substantial learning gains
  • Uses instructional practices that research has proven effective
  • Whether the activities are built on strong foundations of research and effective practice
  • Whether the activities employ technology
  • Whether the activities provide learning in real life contexts
  • Whether activities are staffed by well-trained instructors and administrators
  • Whether activities coordinate with other available resources
  • Whether activities offer flexible schedules and support services
  • Whether activities maintain a high quality management system
  • Whether communities have a demonstrated need for additional English literacy programs
Multiple applicants within the same county are encouraged to coordinate their services to avoid duplication of efforts. First time applicants should contact the County ABE Director to discuss coordinated projects.

Any questions regarding the ABE Program funding may be directed to: Mendy Marshall, ABE Coordinator.


West Virginia Department of Education
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Phone: (304) 558-0280
Fax: (304) 558-3946
ABE Hotline: 1-800-642-2670