TASC Readiness Assessment (TRA) Training Documents

WVABE Online TRA Training PowerPoint (PDF version)
Provides an overview of the TRA as well as step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) for setting up and managing your online account.

WVABE User Guide for the Online TASC Readiness Assessment (TRA)
Provides an overview of the online TRA, including the online tools within the TRA online assessment system software. Also contains step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) for setting up and managing your online account.

Online Tools within the Online TRA Software
Provides an explanation of the various online tools found within the online TRA, including tools for accommodations and allowable resources.

Answer Recording Sheets (for use with Online TRA)
These answer sheets were developed for use with the online TRA to help instructors diagnose students' areas of weakness. Since the online TRA does not give a report of which questions a student gets correct/incorrect, instructors may wish to have students record their answers to the online TRA on these answer sheets. This will help instructors diagnose areas of weakness.

TRA Quick Reference Card - This document provides step-by-step instructions for adding students, scheduling a test session, printing test tickets, etc. for the online TRA.


Important Notes about the Online TRA

Important Notes about TASC Special Testing Accommodations and Allowable Resources

There is a difference between special accommodations and allowable resources. 

At this time the accommodations features are NOT working in the online TRA. While you will see there is a “Screen Reader” tool that can be marked for the student, the Screen Reader will NOT read the passages in the Reading subtest, which does not meet the needs of disabled adults who need this accommodation.

Another area that is universally needed by adults who qualify for accommodations is additional time—again, the “Untimed Test” test feature does NOT give the student additional time, even though you can select it within the online TRA management system.

As a result, at this time the recommendation is to NOT use the online TRA for any student requiring accommodations. Please use the paper-based TRA or the OPT for any student who needs special testing accommodations. In addition, the audio OPT is the only choice available at this time for students who need an audio version.

Please contact Pam Young at pbryan@k12.wv.us or 1-800-257-3723 ext. 212 if you have questions about TASC testing accommodations or for materials in alternate formats. You may also wish to refer to the TASC website at http://www.tasctest.com/accommodations-for-disabilities-for-test-takers.html for more information on special testing accommodations, allowable resources, guidelines for requesting special testing accommodations, etc.).

If you have questions about the TRA or need help in setting up your online TRA account, please contact Ellen Killion at ekillion@k12.wv.us.





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