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TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) Information and Training Documents

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TASC Readiness Assessment (TRA) Training Documents


TASC Frequently Asked Questions Description Date Posted
CTB TASC FAQs for WV This is a printable PDF document that contains frequently asked questions about the TASC test for West Virginia. 3/24/14
TASC Readiness Assessment and Test Prep FAQs This PDF document contains the PowerPoint slides by CTB/McGraw-Hill that were delivered via webinar to West Virginia staff. It contains information about the TASC Readiness Assessment as well as information on test preparation materials. 3/17/14
TASC Information for Examiners Description Date Posted
TASC Training for Examiners This link will take you to the secure login page for WV TASC Examiners. You will find training documents as well as information related to giving the TASC test in West Virginia. 3/17/14
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TASC Information for Instructors Description Date Posted
TASC Registration Training for WV This video training by CTB shows instructors how to register new TASC test-takers for the TASC test. 5/16/14
TASC Training for WV Instructors This PDF document contains CTB's PowerPoint presentation that was delivered via webinar to instructors. It contains information on the TASC test as well as the transition plan, TASC Readiness Assessment, and sample test items. 3/17/14
TASC Training for WV Accommodations This PDF document contains CTB's PowerPoint presentation that was delivered via webinar regarding TASC Accommodations for WV personnel. 3/14/14
TASC Expected Performance Tables (Summary) This PDF document contains a TRA scoring summary table that predicts readiness for the TASC if you are using the TRA. This table summarizes the information found on pages 42-46 of the TASC Readiness Assessment Manual, which you will receive with purchase of the print or online versions of the TRA. 3/24/14
TASC Blueprint Fact Sheet Math These PDF documents show the areas which are emphasized on the TASC test for each subtest. Each subject includes a High, a Medium, and a Low Emphasis Category. The High Emphasis category shows the cocepts for that subject which will appear most frequently on the TASC test. The concepts in the Medium Emphasis category will be fully assessed on the TASC test, though there will be fewer questions aligned to these standards. The concepts under the Low Emphasis category will have no more than one or two quesions on any given test. 3/17/14
TASC Blueprint Fact Sheet Reading 3/17/14
TASC Blueprint Fact Sheet Writing 3/17/14
TASC Blueprint Fact Sheet Social Studies 3/17/14
TASC Blueprint Fact Sheet Science 3/17/14
TASC Scoring Rubrics for Writing This PDF document contains samples as well as the scoring rubrics for the essays which students may expect to find on the TASC test. 3/17/14
TASC Writing Rubrics This PDF document contains the scoring rubrics for the Argument/Opinion Essay as well as the Informative/Explanatory Essay. This document contains the scoring rubrics only, without the samples.  
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TASC General Information Description Date Posted
2014 Purchaser's Qualification Statement Must complete this form and send to CTB/McGraw-Hill when ordering the TASC Readiness Assessment for the first time. 3/17/14
West Virginia Site Numbers This Word doucment contains the site numbers for WV. Use the site number for your RESA when completing the Purchaser's Qualification Statement. 3/17/14
TASC Order Form Use this order form to order the TASC Readiness Assessment. It was be sent with the Purchaser's Qualification Statement (if ordering for the first time) and include the WV Site Number for your program. 8/5/14
WV Combining TASC and GED(R) Test Scores This document contains important information on combining TASC and GED(R) scores in West Virginia. 1/8/14
TASC Updates Description Date Posted
TASC Updates for WV This webpage provides the bulletins that have been sent out by the state department regarding the TASC test in West Virginia. It is updated frequently as new information is provided. 1/8/14





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