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In the previous exercise above, Don, Sarah, and Randy had a problem that needed to be resolved. When you work as a team you need to listen to all points of view, explore all the options discussed, and then come to a consensus and determine the manner in which you will resolve the problem.

Sometimes the best way to begin to solve a problem when working in a group is to brainstorm. Brainstorming is a group problem solving technique. All members of a team will "throw out" ideas on how to achieve a goal or solve a problem. All of the suggestions are written down. After all the ideas have been voiced, a discussion begins weighing the pros and cons of each suggestion. Interpersonal skills come into play here. Interpersonal skills allow individuals to work together. After the discussion ends, the group votes and determines which ideas are the most appropriate. In other words, they come to a consensus.

Consensus occurs when you listen to all points of view, explore all of the options offered by the group and then all come to a mutual decision. Yes, there is give and take involved but hopefully everyone will be at least somewhat happy with the outcome. Some possible examples where teamwork would occur in the workplace would include planning a work sports team, working on a bonus or reward system, or just working on an assembly line. Can you think of other times when you would have had to use teamwork skills?


In this module, you have learned about working productively in a team. You have learned definitions, key concepts, and completed activities designed to help reinforce the key concepts. Another job well done! Now it is time to try the Working Productively Post Test. Please see your Workforce Development Center to obtain the post test.

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