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How Stressed are YOU?

The first question that needs to be asked is "Do you experience stress in your life?" Have you experienced any stress in the last day? month? year?

Now, you might have noticed that you had to choose 'yes' above. The reason for that is that stress is a part of our everyday life. Having stress in our lives is not unhealthy; it's normal. How a person DEALS with the stress in his or her life can be healthy or unhealthy. Perhaps some of the skills in this section will help you look at how you deal with stress and offer better ways of coping.

To help you find your level of stress, check each question to which you agree. When you are finished, print the page for your records.

  1. Are you cross with someone?
  2. Do you feel afraid?
  3. Are you “over anxious” about something?
  4. Do you act impulsively?
  5. Are you always tired?
  6. Are you often bored?
  7. Are you unable to concentrate for periods of time?
  8. Do you often feel sad or lonely?
  9. Do you worry all the time?
  10. Does your heart pound?
  11. Do you tremble?
  12. Do you grind your teeth?
  13. Is your mouth dry?
  14. Do you perspire excessively?
  15. Do you have stomach problems?
  16. Do you have a stiff neck?
  17. Does your lower back ache?
  18. Do you have headaches?
  19. Do you often have colds?
  20. Are your feet and hands cold?
  21. Do you suffer allergy or asthma attacks?
  22. Are you using alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs to an excess?
  23. Do you find yourself watching television during most of your free time?
  24. Are you overeating or under-eating?
  25. Do you have trouble falling asleep?
  26. Do you sleep more than 7-8 hours each night?
  27. Are you becoming careless about the way you look?

If you checked three or more of the above questions, you could use some lessons in stress management. These are indicators that you are experiencing stress in your life. You’re not alone. Most of us need to learn to reduce stress in our lives.

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This program was developed by the West Virginia State Department of Education, the West Virginia Workplace Education Program, and the Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) V.