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We might as well face our problems.  We can’t run fast or far enough to get away from them all.”  -- Unknown.

Whether we find problems in our home or in the workplace, it is difficult to solve them unless we find the cause or root.  Often doctors will treat you for the symptoms without sometimes finding the cause or problem.  While this may help in the short term, it doesn't do much to actually resolve the problem. In this lesson, we will work on developing strategies to identify and diagnose problems as well as learning how to set goals to help determine how to solve those problems.       

Once you have determined just what the problem is,  there are steps to help you find the appropriate answer for your situation.  Hopefully, it will prove to be a WIN/WIN solution.  Designing a plan of action and carrying out that plan are the last steps in successful problem solving.



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This program was developed by the West Virginia State Department of Education, the West Virginia Workplace Education Program, and the Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) V.