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Take the following self-evaluation to discover your own listening habits:

Choose yes YES if the statement is true for you most of the time. Choose NO if the statement is not true for you most of the time.

I allow the other person to finish what s/he is saying before I speak.

I pay attention even when I do not like the speaker.                       

I easily ignore distractions when I am listening.                       

I can easily remember what other people say to me.                     

I ask the speaker questions when I do not understand something.

I look at people when they are talking to me.              

I do not do other things when I am listening.                                

I keep listening even when the message is too complicated. 

I ignore behavior/ appearances that bother me and listen to what the speaker is saying.

Your YES answers indicate that you already have some active listening skills. In other words, you are actively involved in the communication process. You take responsibility for understanding the speaker’s message.

Your NO answers show that you could use improvement in some areas of active listening. Will you become an active listener overnight? Definitely not, but with practice you can improve your listening skills. 

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This program was developed by the West Virginia State Department of Education, the West Virginia Workplace Education Program, and the Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) V.