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Specific Career Information - Now that you know what fields interest you, it's time to look at more specific information regarding job duties and educational requirements. The following sites have searchable databases on different job titles and job clusters. Why not take a few minutes and search several to make sure you really understand the skills and knowledge that are required for each job.

  Occupational Outlook Handbook Online

Job Descriptions from Wageweb
Job Bank USA        Job Genie   Bureau of Labor Statistics

Education Links in the Region IV area - Listed below are vocational and technical centers, community colleges, and universities in the Region IV workforce investment area. These institutions are in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia. Remember that more than one institution may offer the same training. Compare the different programs to find the right one for you!!

Links in Region 4 Area (Under Construction)

Salary Information - While finding a career that sounds interesting is important , there are other factors that need to be considered. One of the top factors for many people is the salary range that can be expected with specific jobs. The websites below can offer an insight into various salaries.

Job Hunt - WV   Careers.org   Yahoo Careers
Health Care Job Store Salary Information   Abbott, Langer & Associates Survey


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