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Understanding Diversity

Today you will gain an understanding of the benefits of many perspectives as well as learn how to respond effectively with individuals who are culturally different. Let's begin by reading the following poem.


You and I

We meet as strangers,
each carrying a mystery within us.
I cannot say who you are.
I may never know you completely.
but, I trust that you are a person in your own
right, possessed of a beauty and value that are
The earths richest treasures.

So, I make this promise to you:
I will impose no identities on you, but will invite
you to become yourself
without shame or fear.

I will hold open a space for you in the world and
allow your right to fill it with an authentic vocation and purpose. For as long as your search
takes, you have my loyalty.

- Author Unknown


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This program was developed by the West Virginia State Department of Education, the West Virginia Workplace Education Program, and the Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) V.