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Communicating with the Public

Communication is a sharing of ideas or information. No matter what kind of job you have at some time or another you are going to have to be able to respond effectively to a customer's requests and needs. When dealing with the public, it’s important to use good communication skills. As important as listening skills are to effective communication, so too is being attentive to body language and problem solving. Together these skills are invaluable when dealing with the public.

Think of a time when you were not sure how to respond to a customer. How did you feel?   Have you ever been in a situation in which a customer responded to you in such a way to make you angry or upset? How did you handle the situation?   

By learning how to more effectively communicate, you will learn how to recognize body language signals, resolve customer dissatisfaction and focus on ways to make positive responses while maintaining good customer relations.


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This program was developed by the West Virginia State Department of Education, the West Virginia Workplace Education Program, and the Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) V.