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West Virginia School Report Cards
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Find My School's Report Card
Find my School's Report Card

What is West Virginia's Accountability System?

West Virginia's accountability system is designed to provide parents and communities with an annual update on multiple measures that together show how well students are learning, growing and achieving. An A-F grading scale is used to show where schools have success, and areas that need improvement.

How does it work?

On an annual basis, the West Virginia Department of Education calculates grades for every public school in West Virginia based on multiple measures of success.

  • A
    Distinctive Performance
  • B
    Commendable Performance
  • C
    Acceptable Performance
  • D
    Unacceptable Performance
  • F
    Lowest Performance

Why does it matter?

An accountability system helps ensure parents have objective information on their students’ academic achievement, while empowering state and district leaders to identify struggling students and schools.

My school received a grade... now what?

Once your school receives a grade each fall, areas of success and areas that need improvement will be identified. The West Virginia Department of Education, RESAs & County School Systems will provide resources and support to schools, parents and teachers to increase student performance.