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NAEP Released and Sample Items

The assessments on this page represent released and/or sample assessment items provided by National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Assessment items released with each release of NAEP results. Those released items are publicly available on the NAEP Questions Tool.   NCES has provided a quick reference guide. The federal government invested a tremendous amount of resources (time and money) into these assessment items, from framework development to assessment analysis.  These items are provided for us (educators) to use as classroom resources.

The assessments are provided for WV teachers to use as instructional or assessment aids.  Remember: these questions are developed to align to the NAEP frameworks..

Possible ways to use

  1. incorporate as part of your classroom assessments (formative or summative), if content appropriate
  2. use as classroom questions
  3. use as problem of the day
  4. discuss scoring items using a rubric

Other information on the NAEP Questions Tool
In addition to the questions and answers, the NAEP Questions Tool provides samples of student work at each score point, as well as the information of student performance at national and jurisdiction (West Virginia).

Reference Sheet for Grade 12 Mathematics

Page 1 Page 2

NAEP Released Itesm Aligned to
West Virginia Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives

  Grade 4 Grade 8  

Single Passage

Paired Passage


Multiple Choice Items
(7 items)
Constructed Response 1
Constructed Response 2
Constructed Response 3
Constructed Response 4
Constructed Response 5
Constructed Response 6
Constructed Response 7
Constructed Response 8
Constructed Response 9
Constructed Response 10
Constructed Response 11


NAEP Released Assessment Items from 2009 Assessment
divided by Cognitive Sections, called blocks

Reading Mathematics
Grade 4 Informational Text
Grade 4 Literary Paired Passages (story and poem)
Grade 8 Informational Paired Passages
Grade 8 Literary Passage (poem)
Grade 12 Informational Text
Grade 12 Literary Text

NCES Provided Resources

Grade 4

Grade 8

Grade 12

Pilot 2009

Operational 2009

Pilot 2009

Operational 2009

Pilot 2009

Operational 2009



Computer-based Writing




Pilot 2011

Writing Computer-based

Math and Reading

Long-Term Trend
2013 2013 2013