NAEP Frameworks

The National Assessment Governing Board sets policy for NAEP and determines the content framework for each assessment. As a result of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), the Board is responsible for selecting and approving all of NAEP's non-cognitive or background questions, as well as the cognitive items over which it has had final authority since 1988. If you would like to receive a free copy of any of the following publications, please use the publications order form found on NAGB's web site.


2015 Mathematics Framework
2013 Mathematics Framework
2011 Mathematics Framework

2009 Mathematics Framework
2007 Mathematics Framework

2015 Reading Framework
2013 Reading Framework
2011 Reading Framework
2009 Reading Framework
2007 Reading Framework

2015 Science Framework
2011 Science Framework
2009 Science Framework
2005 Science Framework

2011 Writing Framework

2007 Writing Framework

2016 Arts

2014 U.S. History

2010 U.S. History

2014 Civics
2010 Civics
2014 Geography
2010 Geography
2012 Economics

2014 Technology and Engineering Literacy (abridged)

2014 Technology and Engineering Literacy (interactive)

Background Information