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The 21st Century Community Learning Center Programs


Name Barbour County (World Vision, Inc.)
Site Name KidREACH (Relating, Education And Communicating Hope)
Contact(s) Carol Malcolm-Parsons
Address 259 Chestnut Street , Philippi, WV 26416
Phone 304-457-5270 ext. 294 Fax 304-457-6747
Email cmalcolm@worldvision.org Summer # 304-457-5270

Program Description:

The KidREACH program has been in Barbour County for twelve years. We have just received a new grant, which will allow us to continue to operate two established elementary sites and for the first time a site at Phillip Barbour High School. KidREACH will employee 10 paid staff at the sites in addition to the program director and five Subject Matter Experts at the high school.

What is so wonderful about the KidREACH Program is that, while we focus on academics through tutoring and skill-building, we also focus on the “whole” child. Teaching children how to make better choices and how to build positive relationships is so important in the development of a successful adult. We also enjoy getting to spend time with skill-building activities that schools do not have the time or resources to do.



Boys & Girls Club of the Eastern Panhandle- Martinsburg/Berkeley Co. Unit

Site Name

Project Learn

Contact(s) Amber Glennon

Physical Address: 105 W. John St., Martinsburg, WV 25401

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1184, Martinsburg, WV 25402

Phone (304) 263-2696 Fax (304) 263-1833
Email berkeley@bgcepwv.org Summer # (304) 263-2696

Program Description:

Project Learn will operate four days a week (Monday – Thursday) at Orchard View Intermediate, Eagle School Intermediate, and North Middle School with additional programming offered at the Boys & Girls Club of the Eastern Panhandle – Martinsburg/Berkeley Co. Unit.  Students receive homework help, math and reading tutoring, recreation, a nutritious supper, and a variety of enrichment activities. 

Name Boone County Schools
Site Name Project GOAL (Gaining Opportunities At Life)
Contact(s) Nancy Booth
Address 69 Avenue B, Madison, WV 25130
Phone 304-369-4585 Ext. 330 Fax 304-369-4165
Email njbooth@k12.wv.us Summer # 304-369-4565

Program Description:

Our program “Project GOAL” is a collaborative effort among Boone County Schools, The Clay Center and Southern West Virginia Community College. Project GOAL: Gaining Opportunities at Life is an after-school program at Scott High, Sherman Senior High, and Van Senior High Schools. The program takes place Tuesday - Wednesday –Thursday, 2:45pm – 5:45pm during the months of September through May of the school year. Our program targeted 9th and 10th grade students the first year and will continue adding new 9th graders each successive year. One of our main objectives this year is to increase the number of students participating. We have a lot to offer these students that will benefit them but without participation nothing can be achieved.

The goals for Project GOAL include: 1) Students will be college- or career-ready upon graduation; 2) Boone County Schools will increase the graduation rate and decrease the drop-out rate of 9th-12th grade students in Boone County; and 3) Parents, families and community members will be engaged in students’ success, improve skills and access career and college opportunities. During this three hour period, students receive a snack/Dinner, homework help, one-on-one tutoring, credit recover courses if necessary, mentoring, and enrichment in the areas of science, technology, arts, engineering, business, and community service. Planned field trips and many other creative and cultural activities are woven into this extended learning experience. Transportation home is also available for all the students who participate in this program.

Three main areas of enrichment will be explored during this second year:  videography, robotics and the “Healthy Eating/Living” program.  Students will have access to these three topics consistently throughout the year.  We are very excited about our program and hope to infuse this excitement and commitment to our students.


Name The Clay Center
Site Name Explore and Soar
Contact(s) Alisa Spiker
Address The Clay Center, One Clay Square, Charleston WV 25301
Phone 304-561-3537 Fax 304-561-3598
Email aspiker@theclaycenter.org Summer # 304-561-3537
Website www.claycenterexploreandsoar.com

Program Description:

“Explore and Soar” takes place in Boone Co. at Madison Middle School, Sherman Jr. High School, and Van Jr. /Sr. High School. Our student range is grades 6th-8thand the program takes place Monday-Thursday 2:45pm-5:45pm throughout the school year with the addition of Summer Camp.

Goals and Mission Statement

EXPLORE and SOAR: Boone County’s 21st Century Community Learning Center

The overall goal of the 21st Century Community Learning Center program is to provide students with academic enrichment opportunities and support services to help them meet state and local standards in the core content areas.

The program is a choice program which strives to provide a safe, educationally enriching, fun and rewarding experience for students during the hours where there may be no adult supervision in the home.  The program includes dinner/snack, homework help, specialized tutoring, mentoring and apprenticeships in science/arts/engineering/business/and many more, with field trips and many other creative and cultural activities.  The program is conducted by staff trained to meet the needs of children and to provide positive adult role models.

Our program “Explore and Soar,” reflects the spirit of the project in that students will be exploring a variety of professions, tutoring activities and mentorships, enabling them to soar into a brighter future. This has become our mission statement:  In Explore & Soar, we believe that with more time to explore a variety of professions, tutoring activities, and mentorships our students or today will soar into an incredibly bright future.

GOALS for Explore & Soar:

  • Youth experience STEAM activities and projects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)
  • Youth improve health and fitness
  • Youth enhance their life and social skills
  • Youth improve reading and writing skills
  • Youth feel an increased sense of personal accomplishment
Name Spring Hill Elementary
Site Name

Spring Hill Elementary

Contact(s) Pamela Bailey/Allyson Schoenlein/Anna Hardway
Address 1901 Hall Avenue, Huntington, WV 25701
Phone 304-528-5175 Fax 304-528-5177

plbailey@k12.wv.us, aschoenl@k12.wv.us,

Summer # 304-528-5175

Program Description:

Spring Hill Elementary Schools 21st CCLC After School Program is very structured. It offers students grades 1-5 an opportunity to experience Literacy activities, Math instruction, Healthy Choices which provides the students with nutrition and physical activity. Each day they rotate through each activity. We also have music drama on Tuesdays and Wednesday. ”Girls on the Run” meet on Tuesday and Thursday. The Garden Club meet each Wednesday. They have four raised gardens and a terraced Garden behind the school. The Sci- Talks club meet every Wednesday for 6 weeks a new group is chosen the next semester. Our Lego Club meet each Thursday. During the summer our students participate in Lemon Aid Day and now have three lemonade stands. Our community is very receptive to our program.

Name Kanawha County
Site Name Bob Burdette Center, Inc.
Contact(s) Loren Friend Farmer
Address 1401 W. Washington St., Charleston, WV 25387
Phone 304-342-1158 Fax 304-343-3041


Summer # 304-342-1158

Program Description:

Project HEART is the 21st CCLC project of lead agency, Bob Burdette Center, Inc. (BBC), and its co-applicant partners, PRO-Kids, Inc. and West Virginia State University Extension Services (WVSUES). The BBC and PRO-Kids are non-profit afterschool programs that operate within the city of Charleston with the BBC serving the West Side and PRO-Kids serving the East End. The BBC was established in 1998 and has served students on the West Side without interruption for over 16 years. PRO-Kids was established in 1992 and has served children on the East End for 22 years. WVSUES is an 1890 Land-Grant Institution and began operation in 2000 with the goal of improving literacy, health, community and economic development, publiceducation, family development, agricultural education, etc., primarily targeting underserved andunderrepresented populations.

Children who attend a Project HEART program participate in intensive and comprehensive activities that provide academic, physical, social, and emotional enrichment. Students participate in homework assistance, tutoring, dance classes provided by Arts in Action, gardening, community service projects, Second Step violence prevention curricula, educational enrichment activities and other cultural and social opportunities. Project HEART collaborates with a number of organizations who are actively involved in its programs and activities including Arts in Action, Child Evangelism Fellowship and churches who host the program in their facilities.


Name Kanawha County (Partnership of African American Churches)
Site Name Communities Closing the Gap
Contact(s) Reverend James Patterson / Edna Green
Address PO Box 452, Institute, WV 258112
Phone 304-768-7688 Fax 304-768-7647



Summer # 304-768-7688

Program Description:


P4260470.JPGThe Communities Closing the Gap Afterschool Program is an initiative of the Partnership of African American Churches. The program operates three community based learning centers located in Rand, Institute, and Downtown Charleston communities. Built on the foundation of the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets, the centers are committed to creating opportunities for children to acquire the building blocks necessary for healthy development and ultimately becoming productive adults.bread division.JPG







During the school year, centers operate three hours daily Monday through Friday serving students, grades K through 12. Upon arrival, students participate in physical activities which assists them in transitioning from the school day to the afterschool extended learning opportunity. They complete their homework, followed by a nutritious supper provided through funding from the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program. The balance of their time is spent participating in learning activities that support Next Generation skills. These include interdisciplinary themes that weave creativity, innovation, communication, information fluency, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making into core subject matter. King-Geo

Violinist.pngThrough many collaborative partnerships the program is also able to offer STEM curricula, instrumental music lessons, gardening, scouts, community service opportunities and a variety of mentoring programs and curricula geared toward character building and violence and substance abuse prevention. During the 2013/2014 school year the program and community partners are continuing the implementation of a Healthy Lifestyles Plan aimed at improving nutrition and increasing the physical activity of participants, staff members and their families. 










Name Kanawha County
Site Name Human Resource Development Foundation-East End Family Resource Center HRDF-EEFRC
Contact(s) Michael Farmer
Address 502 Ruffner Avenue, Charleston, WV  25311
Phone 304-344-1656 Fax 304-720-0201


Summer # 304-344-1656

Program Description:

“The Challenge of Champions” after school project was developed out of a seven year partnership between the HRDF and the EEFRC, who have worked together to service and support teens and their families in the Kanawha Valley through job training, mentoring, counseling, and after school services. This project  Challenges students to become Champions, not just players in the game

The Challenge of Champions, an after-school program offering academic improvement, parent support, a safe haven for youth during out-of-school time, drug and alcohol prevention programs, art enrichment, and recreational activities.  We offer a positive alternative to going home to watch television or risking the chance of becoming involved in a crime or committing a crime.  We provide the extra support to assist these students in developing life skills that promote a healthy lifestyle.

The collaborative efforts of a variety of community-based organizations and partnerships include The YWCA Sojourners Shelter, Charleston Job Corps, The Music Mentors, McHenry – Moore Artworks, WVSU Extension Service, West Virginia University, Kanawha County Workforce Investment Board,  WV DHHR West Virginia Department of Culture and History, The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, KEYS 4 Healthy Kids, and Charleston Parks & Recreation.  


Name Kanawha County
Site Name The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Charleston
Contact(s) Daisha Groom
Address 301 Tennessee Avenue, Charleston, WV 25302
Phone 304-342-8831 Fax 304-343-6701
Email uss.salvationarmy.org Summer #

Program Description:

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Charleston offers programs in the five core program areas; Character & Leadership Development, Education & Career Development, Health & Life Skills, The Arts, & Sports, Fitness & Recreation.  We serve youth ages 6-18 years.  The Club is open Monday through Friday 2:30pm-7:00pm, and 7:30am-5:30pm during summer months and school breaks.  The membership fee is $25 for the school year and $25 for the summer.

Our mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.
Name Lincoln County 21st Century Community Learning Centers
Site Name

Hamlin PK-8, Midway Elementary

Contact(s) Rhonda L Kersey
Address 10 Marland Avenue, Hamlin, WV 25523
Phone 304-824- 3033 ext. 6264 Fax 304-824-7947
Email rlkersey@k12.wv.us Summer # 304-824- 3033 ext. 6264

Program Description:

Lincoln County 21st CCLC currently operates through two sites; Hamlin PK-8, Midway Elementary. During the 2013/2014 school year a total of 817 students were enrolled in the program. The 21st CCLC offers homework assistance, tutoring from certified teachers in the areas which students are having difficulties such as; reading, mathematics, and science.


Enrichment activities are an integral part of the programming offered in Lincoln County. Programs such as LEGO Robotics, Mad Science, 4-H, Junior Achievement and Scholastic Literacy Fun Packs are currently part of our programming.

DSCF0063.JPG Family involvement is an important part of our programs and activities that are offered here in Lincoln County. Parent and community involvement is encouraged by class participation and through our volunteer programs.

The Lincoln County 21st CCLC have seen an increase in math and reading scores in students who attend the afterschool programs.

DSCF0060.JPG Our program staff members are certified teachers and administrators. We are also glad that we have several certified volunteers that use their time to answer phones, work with students on the different enrichment activities that have been implemented at all the sites. The 18 certified staff members are Jennie Mc Clung, Patricia Childers, Elizabeth Duncan, Lori Huffman, Kandace Basham, Stephanie Workman, Kristy Adkins, Rod hoover, Connie Briles, Lori Woodrum, Paris Browning, Jessica Koester, Malissa Belcher, Melissa, Adkins, Aly White, Nancy Perry, Robert Pennington, Megan Walden, and Rhonda Kersey.

Our community partners are: Title I and School Improvement Grants, Lincoln County family Resource Network, Lincoln County Primary Care Center, WV D.H.H.R, West Virginia University Extension Program, and the Lincoln County EDA.

Name West Virginia Dreamers Afterschool Program
Site Name Multiple sites
Contact(s) Michael Tierney
Address 1701 Fifth Avenue #8, Charleston, WV 25312
Phone 304-414-4452 Fax 304-414-4451
Email sbsadmin@stepbystepwv.org Summer # 304-414-4452

Program Description:

The West Virginia Dreamers Afterschool Program is committed to supporting at-risk children and youth throughout the lifecycle from birth to independent adulthood - teaching them always to “dream, work, and grow”. The West Virginia Dreamers Afterschool Program currently serves over 300 students in grades K-12 and their families at five locations across southern Lincoln and Logan counties: Big Ugly Community Center, Harts PK-8, Man Elementary School, Man Middle School and Omar Elementary. Program participants receive targeted academic assistance, engaging enrichment opportunities, nutritious meals, and loving support from caring adult mentors. Our “hands-on” approach to learning allows children to identify and enliven their dreams while exploring everything from art and culture to science and technology.

Lincoln-Logan Counties


For more information about the program, contact a staff member of Step by Step, Inc. at 304-414-4452. The West Virginia Dreamers Afterschool Program is a partnership between Step by Step, Lincoln and Logan County Schools, parents, students, and a regional network of government and non-profit agencies.


Name Marion County
Site Name 21st CCLC-Boys & Girls Clubs of Marion County
Contact(s) Sally Morgan and Stacey Spadafore
Address 200 Gaston Avenue, Fairmont, WV 26554

304-367-2100 ext 28

304-376-2627 for Boys and Girls Club information

Fax 304-367-2111



Summer # 304-376-2627

Program Description:

Marion County has three sites serving the geographic attendance areas: Blackshere, East Park, and Watson.  The site coordinators are:  Blackshere- Faith Shaver; East Park-Susan Brooks, and Watson- Sylvia Hawkins.   We have over 200 students that participate throughout Marion County.  Some of the activities that the students enjoy are Afterschool Reads, Geo-fitness, Cooking, Zumba, Hands-on-Science, Computer activities, Lego Lab, Mini-music and dance lessons.

The parents like the program because they believe it builds children’s academic and social skills.  The programs have monthly field tripsMarion County After-School Program, service projects and family nights which allow  families to get involved. Each site focuses on academic skills by having a study hour which can include tutoring, homework help, computer programs, and enhancement activities.  The site coordinators have a good rapport with the teachers at each school site and talk with them daily.  We have access to the students’ assessments and data to determine what the student needs to work on.   This has allowed our students to improve in the classroom as well as on state tests. 

All of our sites have a variety of partners but some that are used at all three sites are:  Fairmont State University, Girl Scouts, Marion County Family Resource Network, Marion County Parks and Recreation, Mountaineer Boys and Girls Club, Project CHAT, LIFE United Methodist Church, Literacy Volunteers of Marion County,Marion County Chamber of Commerce, Marion County Health Department, Marion County Public Library, NASA IV & V; Pierpont Community & Technical College, WVU Extension Services, Senior Corps RSVP, and Resolute Forest Products.  Two of our sites also host a summer day camp (8 hours) for six weeks which allows us to extend our program.  The summer camp incorporates many of the activities that are used during the school year as well as swimming and weekly field trips. 


Name McDowell County
Site Name DREAMS (Kimball Elementary, Sandy River Middle, Southside K-8, Fall River Elementary)
Contact(s) Bonita Miano
Address 30 Central Avenue, Welch, WV 24801
Phone 304-436-8441, Ext. 241 Fax 304-436-3048
Email bmiano@k12.wv.us Summer # 304-436-8441 ext 241

Program Description:

The McDowell County Schools DREAMS program is comprised of three learning centers operating two hours per day, four days per week. The program serves over 130 students per day and employs a staff of approximately 25 including substitutes. Sites are located at Kimball Elementary, Sandy River Middle, and Southside K-8. Through the program we have seen decreases in disciplinary referrals and increases in health awareness and parent involvement, with help from partners such as Concord University and Regional Tobacco Prevention Specialists.


Name McDowell County
Site Name DREAMS 2 (Welch Elementary, Mount View High, River View High)
Contact(s) Bonita Miano
Address 30 Central Avenue, Welch, WV 24801
Phone 304-436-8441, Ext. 241 Fax 304-436-3048
Email bmiano@k12.wv.us Summer # 304-436-8441 ext 241

Program Description:

The McDowell County Schools DREAMS 2 program is comprised of three learning centers operating two hours per day, four days per week (Mount View runs 3hrs and 3 days). The program serves over 100 students per day and employs a staff of approximately 20 including substitutes. Sites are located at Mount View HS, River View HS, and Welch Elementary. Through the program we have seen decreases in disciplinary referrals and increases in health awareness and parent involvement, with help from partners such as Concord University and Regional Tobacco Prevention Specialists.


Name Monongalia County
Site Name Mountaineer Boys and Girls club Morgantown Connections

Dennis Poluga, Project Director

Jenica Schoolcraft, South Middle School Coordinator

Andrew Reabe, Morgantown Connections Program Manager

Address 918 Fortney St., Morgantown, WV 26505

Work: 304-292-7510

Cell: 304-288-5962

Fax 304-292-7511






Dennis Poluga:


Jenica Schoolcraft:


Andrew Reabe:



Summer # 304-292-7510

Program Description:

Mountaineer Boys and Girls Club is the after-school program administered through Monongalia County Schools. It has been in existence since 1998.

Goal 1:To increase the academic performance of students to meet or exceed state standards in reading and math by providing one on one tutoring, academic help, and differentiated instructions to increase students motivation and success.

Goal 2:To provide a safe place for children after school with recreational activities, companionship and instill a positive sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence, as well as violence and drug prevention activities and leadership opportunities.

  • After school programs available to students in grades K-12
  • Open Monday through Friday until 7pm for all grades and open till 8pm for middle and high school students at the main location.
  • Open from after school until 6pm at the four school sites
  • A variety of classes are offered: arts/crafts, prevention classes, lifeskills lessons, tech skils, community service opportunities, and character education.
  • Reading and Math tutors for referred students, daily homework help and family days are available for all students.
  • Membership is based on a sliding fee scale; scholarship and reduced cost opportunities are available.
  • A daily snack is provided to all afterschool members; breakfast, lunch, and a snack are provided on No School Days
  • Partner with area organization to facilitate classes for parents and adult community members, including: life skills classes, technology skills, social media classes, parenting seminars, cooking lessons, resume writing workshops, and job/higher education referrals.
  • Collaborations include: West Virginia Department of Education 21stCentury Community Learning Center grant, Monongalia County Schools, BOPARC, Parent Educator Resource Center, BB&T, MountainLine Transit System, Mid-Atlantic Aerospace Complex Aerospace Education Program, Americorps, United Way, West Virginia University, Center for Civic Engagement, Volunteers, Conoco-Philips Corporation, One economy, Comcast, MTEC, Children’s Discovery Museum of WV, Tangled Tree Yoga, Morgantown Public Library, Literacy Volunteers, and the NASA Center of Fairmont, among others.
Name Morgan County Schools
Site Name MC After 3
Contact(s) Summer Walsh
Address 271 Warm Springs Way, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Phone 304-258-1500 Fax  


Summer #  

Program Description:

“MC After 3” is a Morgan County Afterschool program operating at two sites—

(1) Berkeley Springs High School, with tutoring and homework help Tues.-Thurs and

(2) Warm Springs Middle School, a Mon.-Thurs. program with several daily components:  recreational activities/physical education; supper and snack; tutoring/enrichment/homework help; and STEAM activities provided by various cohorts (Morgan County Partnership, 4-H, Blue Ridge CTC, Americorp, Ice House arts program, among others).


Name Jackson, Mason and Roane Counties
Site Name


Roane County-Geary, Walton, Spencer Elementary, Spencer Middle, Reedy, Roane Co High, Youth Center 

Mason County-Ashton Elementary, Beale Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, Pt. Pleasant Primary, Pt. Pleasant Intermediate, Wahama High, Hannan High, Pt. Pleasant Jr/Sr High

Jackson County-Ripley Middle, Ripley Elementary, Fairplain Elementary, Kenna Elementary, Henry J. Kaiser, Ravenswood Grade, Ravenswood Middle, Ravenswood High, Gilmore Elementary
Contact(s) David McCutcheon, Zach Zdanek, Denise Higgs
Address 811 Madison Avenue, Spencer, WV 25276
Phone 304-927-8047 Fax 304-927-8084



Summer # 304-927-8047

Program Description:

PATCH 21st CCLC centers serve 1200 students, and have four full-time and 350 part-time employees who offer very unique programs that focus on at-risk students. We have four areas we focus on outside of our regular academic programs: entrepreneurial, service learning, character education, youth led groups. We have outstanding relationships and full-circle program involvement and results. We have over 75 participating partners in our programs and a staff dedicated to making children’s lives better by providing opportunities for students to be safe, help working parents, and provide educational enrichment.


Name Preston County
Site Name After School Explorers
Contact(s) Susie Huggins, Program Director
Address Preston County Board of Ed., 731 Preston Drive, Kingwood, WV 26537
Phone 304-288-5244 Fax 304-329-0720
Email preston21stcentury@yahoo.com Summer # 304-288-5244

Program Description:

After School Explorers is thrilled to report the award of 2-21st Century Community Learning Center grants to serve the needs of Preston County. The Preston County Board of Education is currently in its 12th year of providing after school programs via a 21st Century Community Learning Center efforts. The funding for this project has afforded Preston County with the opportunity to provide quality after school, summer, and special event activities for many area children and families. The 2 goals of the 21st CCLC 2014-19 grants include: Student Achievement and Parent Achievement ~ targeting risk factors of poverty (including academic failure), increasing out-of-school enrichment opportunities for children, and increasing collaboration among families and community agencies in an effort to increase after school programs for area youth. After School program activities include various enrichment opportunities, direct instruction in basic skill areas, homework help, project based learning, community presentations and collaborations a nutritious snack or meal, a fitness component as well as drug and violence prevention activities.
Parent programs this year will include hosting a weekly 2-hour computer lab event for parents to study for the TACSGED, learn to use a computer, help their child with school projects, look for jobs, secure better employment and research as needed. Each week parents will have access to the school library for 1 hour to read and check out books to increase literacy in their household. The respective school catchment areas will host weekly toddler training events that will help toddlers learn skills and increase parents parenting skills. There will also be a series of workshops for parents including one on how to start your own business using a version of the WV Lemonade Day curriculum.
Eight out of eleven county schools have been served via the After School Explorers CLCs since July 2005.
Grant #1
South Preston School ~ Connie Ridenour, Site Coordinator, asesouthpreston@gmail.com
Rowlesburg School ~ Brett Cales, Site Coordinator, aserowlesburg@gmail.com
Fellowsville Elementary ~ Jennifer Sapp, Site Coordinator, asefellowsville@gmail.com
Kingwood Elementary ~ Heather Miller, Site Coordinator, asekingwood@gmail.com

Grant #2
Aurora School ~ Debra Mayfield, Site Coordinator, aseaurora@gmail.com
Bruceton School ~ Christine Kohlmeyer, Site Coordinator, asebruceton@gmail.com
Terra Alta East Preston School ~ TBA, Site Coordinator, asetaep@gmail.com
Valley Elementary. ~ Amanda Rehe, Site Coordinator, asevalley@gmail.com
We have incredible energetic staff at the 8 sites. ASE employs 8 Site Coordinators, 3 instructors at primary sites and 1 instructor at the bonus sites, 16 parent instructors and program assistant Laurie Noland afterschoolexplorers@gmail.com.
The strong collaborative relationships that we have with community partners is what affords us the ability to provide activities and events that often exceed what funding makes possible.
Our partners include: The EdVenture Group, Preston Prevention Partnership (Advisory Group), Aurora Churches/Pioneer Club, CEOS (Community Education Outreach Services), Food for Preston, Preston County Caring Council/FRN, Preston County Health Department, Preston County Starting Points, Preston County Child Nutrition Program, PTO/PTA, RDVIC, RESA VII, Title I, WV Dept. of Health and Human Resources, Girl Scouts, READ ALOUD and WVU Extension Office to name a few. ASE is teaming with the Preston County Schools Title I Parent Volunteer Coordinators at all of the ASE Sites.
To help sustain the program ASE is participating in various fund raising efforts such as the Tucker Community Foundation RUN FOR IT! 2K race to raise funds. ASE will host the 2nd annual Letter From Santa Project.
Grants have been written to CHAMPS and Tele Tech to date to help with programming needs.
You can also visit us at http://www.prestoncountyschools.com/pages/Preston_CSD/21st_Century_Community_Learnin and on Facebook @ PRESTON READS

Name Ritchie County
Site Name S.T.A.R.S. (Strategies To Accelerate Ritchie Students)
Contact(s) Linda Campbell and Angie Summers
Address 134 South Penn Avenue, Harrisville, WV 26362
Phone 304-643-2991 Ext. 222 Fax 304-643-2994



Summer # 304-643-2991 Ext. 222

Program Description:

Ritchie County Schools in collaboration with nine community partners is serving 150 students in grades 1 through 5 at four 21st Century Community Learning Centers with 350 hours of educational services through before-school, after-school, and summer programs. Concrete learning experiences provided by 4 site supervisors, 24 teachers, 13 high school tutors, and 5 college tutors develop students' competencies and skills for all students but are particularly helpful for those at risk for academic failure.

Our program is unique in that we provide a safe environment with opportunities for the students to participate in enrichmentactivitiesthat address 21st Century Skills and Learning Tools.

Name Wayne County
Site Name Wayne County Community Learning Centers
Contact(s) Jeanette Barker and Amy Wagoner
Address 3603 Piedmont Road, Huntington, WV 25704
Phone 304-429-3988 or 304-908-3368 Fax 304-908-3386
Email anwhuntington@aol.com or jbarkerplaymates@aol.com Summer # 304-429-3988 or

Program Description:

The Wayne County Community Learning Centers is a long-running, collaborative partnership between the Wayne County Board of Education and Playmates Pre-School and Child Development Centers, Inc.   The partnership includes active participation by all Playmates (community) sites, the Wayne County Superintendent and all county principals and teachers.  Wayne County Community Learning Centers are located in all county elementary, middle and high schools, as well as the seven community sites of Playmates.   

Students with LegosThe collaborative has a total of 29 programs -- 13 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 3 high schools, 6 community sites and 1 teen center. Since 2009, the Learning Centers serve over 2,540 students annually, with an average daily attendance of 812 students.  Of the total number served, 1,134 students attended our programs for 30 days or more.  Learning Centers offer a variety of quality-enhancing extended day learning opportunities based on the perceived needs of each location, each one aimed at enhancing the quality of education for all participants. 

Program activities include tutoring, physical fitness, homework assistance, Writing and Literature Clubs, sign language classes, technology enrichment activities, a Social Club (with a certified Community Counselor), Lego labs, entrepreneurship opportunities, drug awareness education, and other 21st Century learning skill opportunities.

Wayne County students holding cans of food




Name Mingo County Youth Education Program (YEP)
Site Name Gilbert Middle School and Williamson PK8
Contact(s) Tammy Stowers
Address 2001 McCoy Rd., Huntington, WV 25701
Phone 304-529-6205 Ext. 24 Fax 304-529-6209
Email tstowers@k12.wv.us Summer # 304-529-6205 Ext. 24 or 304-687-3656

Program Description:

RESA 2 administers the Mingo County Youth Education Program (YEP), which began the second year of the grant on October 1, 2014. An after school program is offered at Gilbert Middle School and Williamson PK8 School and began on September 8, 2014 for 2 hours after school, four days per week (M-Th) for the duration of the grant. Tutoring opportunities are available for students needing additional assistance. Homework help is offered for those students needing support to complete daily assignments. The Mingo County Youth Education Program (YEP) embeds Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) and project-based learning to enhance regular school day learning. Students also have opportunities to participate in high-interest, hands-on enrichment activities to include such areas as music, photography, art, drama and other recreational activities. In addition, a 4 week (M-Th) ½ day summer program will be offered (at both schools) during the month of July 2015. Summer activities will include continuation of tutoring students in need through hands-on learning experiences. To increase participation other engaging activities will be offered (e.g. art, music, physical activities, technology). The school library and computer labs will be open at both schools for student and parent utilization. Adult learning is also be a focus of the grant and based upon results of a needs assessment, programming may included such topics as GED tutoring, financial literacy, parental skill development and technology training. RESA 2 contracts for an external comprehensive evaluation of the program.

Name RESA 4
Site Name Ansted Elementary, Flatwoods Elementary, White Sulphur Springs Elementary, Collins Middle, Ansted Middle, Braxton Middle, Marlinton Middle, Richwood Middle, Oak Hill High School, Braxton County High, Valley High, Nicholas County High and Webster County High School (one middle and one high school program)
Contact(s) Julia Duffield
Address 404 Old Main Drive, Summersville, WV 26651
Phone 304-872-6440 Ext. 205 Fax 304-872-6442
Email julia.duffield@k12.wv.us Summer # 304-872-6440 Ext. 205

Program Description:

During the 2013-2014 school year, 1252 students attended an afterschool program site at least one afternoon at the 10 sites served. Of those, 151 were “regular attendees” (present at least 30 days). For the 2014-15 school year, RESA 4 will have 21stCCLC programs at 14 sites, each having at least two community partners who provide enrichment activities or monetary support of site activities.

Each site provides student the following on a daily basis:

  • Tutoring in reading and/or mathematics
  • A variety of enrichment/entrepreneurial activities
  • A nutritious snack or light meal
  • Homework help
  • A safe, secure environment in which to learn and engage in activities to support social/emotional development
Name RESA 7
Site Name

Project ISAAC— Nutter Fort Intermediate/Primary Elementary, Philippi Elementary School, Philippi Middle School, Central Preston Middle School/Preston High School, Anna Jarvis Elementary School, Elkins Middle School/Midland Elementary and Westwood Middle School


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Address 1201 North 15th Street, Clarksburg, WV 26301
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Summer # 304-624-6554 Ext. 279

Program Description:

Project ISAAC (Increasing Student Achievement, Advancing Communities) serves 10 schools at 6 sites across the RESA 7 region. Our program has approximately 475 regular attendees and a total of over 1,000 registered students. To better serve our students, we have an average of 7 staff members per site and operate with a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 15:1.

Through Project ISAAC, students receive homework help, math and reading tutoring, enrichment, recreation, and a nutritious supper four days a week (Monday-Thursday). In addition to these regular activities, special presentations are given by community members, business leaders, safety officials, and more. These daily activities and special presentations promote the academic, social, and emotional growth of our students.

Our Project ISAAC sites continue to grow and thrive in the schools and communities we serve. We have seen a majority of our students improve their grades and their health, and we look forward to our continued role in supporting their gains. We recognize that being successful in our endeavors requires the collective effort of the Project ISAAC staff, the regular school staff, the families of the students we serve, and the surrounding school communities. This year, we hope to increase our parent involvement and welcome new partners to the Project ISAAC team.


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